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Our Company Vidler Water Company ("Vidler") is a private-sector water resource company focused on the development of reliable water supplies in geographic areas lacking available water resources. We provide water development solutions for end users by identifying, acquiring and developing water rights, often within fragmented agricultural markets, and over time converting these water rights to higher valued municipal and industrial uses.

Vidler, with over 18 years of experience, is the recognized leader in water resource development. Since 1995, we have invested over $300 million in more than 20 water resource development projects and through 2013 have realized in excess of $200 million from the sale of eight of these projects.

Vidler has aggregated expertise and fostered a work environment that is inclusive of many professional disciplines which stimulates rigorous and innovative problem solving in the water resource area.
—Dorothy Timian-Palmer, P.E., President and Chief Executive Officer