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Dorothy Timian-Palmer

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Timian-Palmer was promoted to CEO of Vidler Water Resources, Inc. in August 2018 and has served as both President and CEO of Vidler Water Resources, Inc. as of August 2018. Ms. Timian-Palmer joined Vidler Water Company in December 1997 as its Chief Operating Officer and was promoted to President in April 2006 and was appointed to Chief Executive Officer in October 2016. Ms. Timian-Palmer oversees the day-to-day operations of Vidler and sets the strategic direction of the Company. Ms. Timian-Palmer has over 30 years of experience within the water resource field in the southwest United States. Prior to joining Vidler, she held the position of Utilities Director for Carson City, Nevada, having started as its Water Engineer in 1988. Previously, Ms. Timian-Palmer worked for the USDA Soil Conservation Service.

Ms. Timian-Palmer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, specializing in water resources, from the University of Arizona. She also holds State of Nevada licenses for both Professional Civil Engineering and Water Right Surveying.