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Our Solutions

We pursue water development projects that solve a current or projected water shortage or water quality issue for end users. We have developed water assets for real estate project developers who are required to obtain an assured water supply for their projects prior to receiving local grovernment approvals for their projects. We have permitted and constructed large pipeline projects which move large volumes of water to areas where people desire to work and live. We have also developed and permitted water storage projects that enable us to store water, in times of surplus, in an underground aquifer for recovery and use during times of water shortage.

Our Water Resource Development Process
Identification and AcquisitionPermittingPermittingSales
Our Solutions
Site Feasibility Analysis

Extensive due diligence

Purchase assets at attractive valuations
Localized relationships

Public participation and support

Deep industry expertise (Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Endangered Species Act, CleanWater Act, etc.)
Insuring sustainable aquifer potential managed through groundwater recharge facilities and conjunctive management of well fields

Capital investments to bridge supply and demand
Typical Buyers of Water Resources:
  • Developers
  • Energy Companies
  • Industrial Users
  • Municipal Industrial suppliers